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Fix Dell Printer issues after Updating Windows 10

Fix Dell Printer issues after Updating Windows 10

Fix Dell Printer issues after Updating Windows 10

Dell Printer Tech Support Number

When you update your computer to Windows 10 there are certain system changes that happen automatically. These system changes can affect your Dell printer causing errors. If the errors occur frequently then you should call the Dell Printer customer support number and ask for advanced tech support. In the meantime, you can read through this article to find some simple suggestions on how to fix Dell printer issues after a Windows update.

Solution 1: Check if your Dell printer connected properly

  • Check the power: Ensure that the power cord of your Dell printer is connected to the outlet and the switch is on. In case you are using a wireless printer you should see that all the required routers other devices turned on.
  • Check the Dell printer cables: Verify that the USB cable of your Dell printer is securely connected to the socket in the printer and in the cable.
  • Check the Dell wireless connections: Run the wireless connectivity test on your Dell printer to make sure there are no network errors. Look for the blue wireless icon and ensure that it is turned on.

Solution 2: Remove and Reinstall Dell Printer

Steps to remove your Dell printer

  • Open the Start menu and go to ‘Settings’.
  • Select ‘Devices’ and navigate to ‘Printers & scanners’.
  • Search for your Dell printer and select ‘Remove device’.

Reinstall your printer

  • When you want to reinstall the printer simply follow the same steps and navigate to the ‘Printers and Scanners section’.
  • Make sure your Dell printer is connected to the computer so that Widows can find it easily.
  • Select the option to add a new printer and select your Dell printer model.
  • Certain printer require permissions to be added refer to the Dell printer manual to know more

Solution 3: Update Dell Printer Drivers

Your Dell printer needs a driver software in order to run smoothly. Follow these steps to update your printer driver:

Use Windows Update:

  • Go to the Device Manager and enter your admin password
  • Navigate to the Printer section and look for the Dell Printer
  • Right-click the printer and press ‘Update Driver’ and follow the instructions

If you still see that the printer is giving trouble because of the Windows 10 update you can call the Dell Printer customer service number to get a more detailed idea about how to implement more advanced troubleshooting steps. Dell experts are ready to take your call any time of the day or night. These experts are well trained and will be able to give you the best solution no matter what issue you may face in your Dell printer after updating to Windows 10.