HP Printer Support Number

With time there has been a lot of evolution that has taken place regarding printers, which was inculcated by a lot of different companies present the market. Among all these different companies, HP Printers never fail to catch the eye. The Hewlett-Packard Company was one of the very first companies to bring out the Laser Printer and it came with an inherent driver for the printer. The driver is what is in charge of the functioning of the printer. It is controlled with the use of PCL (Printer Control Language). There are several options that you can get with HP Printers, some being HP Desk Jet Ink, HP LaserJet Pro, and HP P2035 Laser Printer etc. This is an omnipresent competition running in the printer market and even then there is an incline towards purchasing HP printers. This is exclusively because it is one of the most trusted brands and also provides with several favorable features. To learn more about these features one can connect with the HP Customer Care Number. The 21st Century has been the era that has seen a lot of technological advancements. Technical products are always considered to be very dynamic and constantly evolving with time. There are always some beneficial features being added to the device, making the product more convenient to use. Printers have also seen a lot of major technological advancement over time. There are several reasons for one to opt for an HP printer over any other printers. HP provides you with the features of printing, scanning, faxing etc. The HP printers also provide slots for both Black as well as colored ink cartridges. Making printing all the more convenient. The HP printers provide its customers with a printing speed of up to 25ppm, it also provides the facility of auto-duplex printing. Printers have been an integral part of each and every industry. It is one of the most essential tech product in today’s world.

Why prefer HP Printer over other?

  • HP provides its users with High Yield Toners
  • HP printers deliver the option of Auto-Duplex Printing
  • Both black and colored ink can be used together in one machine
  • HP Printers offer wireless printing
  • They have a printing speed of 25PPM
  • HP printers provide much better paper hold, with the capacity of up to 250 sheets
  • HP printer offers wireless faxing and scanning as well
  • HP printers scan items into an email without the need of copy & paste
  • HP printers use Jet Intelligence Toner.

Technical shortcoming of HP Printers

Even though HP printers are one of the top marketed printers in the world, there are also some minor malfunctions that you might have to face. There might be situations where you might not understand what is happening. So in order to understand these problems, you must keep in mind the following issues/defects:-

Though there are many good features concerning HP printers, there are also many loopholes or issues regarding it. And some of you might not be aware of the problems when it is happening. So in order to get an insight as to what these problems are, you should keep in mind the following defects/issues:-

  • Issues with the toner not fixing properly
  • Issue while installing Printer Driver
  • Sheets getting jammed while printing
  • The printer driver gets jammed
  • MS OS sending a print task to a different printer
  • Malware in power supply cause error message 50.40
  • Wireless printers are sometimes found to be slow in processing commands
  • The print output is faded, distorted or even streaked
  • Ink cartridges low on ink
  • Sheets not being printed

Since these issues are not that problematic or drastic, one can easily get the printers to function efficiently without consulting to any service consultant. However, if the malfunction pertains it is suggested that you get in touch with the HP Printer Customer Care Team. They provide you with foolproof solutions to each and every issue that you might face. They are a team of professionals equipped with the know-how. Their services are available 24X7.


If you desire to understand the process of setting your printer up, then you must execute the following steps:
  • Remove printer from the box along with all the wire cables provided
  • Connect the printer with the current supply using the power cord
  • Install the printer driver in your system
  • Verify the time and language setting as per your location
  • Insert the ink cartridges by opening the door. Align them accordingly and install it in the printer
  • Load the papers depending on the setting on your system
If this information couldn’t solve your issue feel free to contact the HP Printer Customer Care Service to procure additional assistance.
If during any point of time your HP printer stops feeding pages then immediately an error message of ‘Paper Jam’ would pop up. So as to get on with your printing you would need to resolve this paper jam issue in the following way:
  • The first thing to be done is to turn your HP printer off and unplug it from the power cord
  • Open the rear access panel of the printer by pulling it upwards or towards you depending upon the model
  • Remove all the remaining sheets of paper from the paper tray
  • Check if any piece of paper is left behind in the printer
  • Once done reinstall the rear panel and reconnect with a power source
Don’t you know how to connect HP wireless Printer to your Mac then just follow the below-mentioned guidelines:
  • The download device driver of your HP Printer from the official website
  • Click on Utility option and then go to Printer Setup Utility
  • Now click to add the printer by selecting your printer name
  • Follow the instruction to complete the connection process.
  Are you the victim of ‘Scanner Failure Error’ when you are trying to use HP Printer for printing an important document? This error can give you some hard times but by following the steps mentioned below this can be easily resolved:
  • Reset your HP Printer by unplugging all the cables and then after few seconds plug in the cable to turn on the printer
  • Make it certain that your printer is getting a required power supply
  • Also, check the settings of Scanner bar
If your HP Printer is printing 2 copies of every document which you send for print then there is some setting problem. This problem can be easily resolved by executing this solution:
  • Go to the Control Panel of your system > Device and Printers>
  • Click the option of Printer Properties
  • Then set ‘No of Copies=1
Once you have set it as one then the issue at will be resolved and you can use your printer for printing.

Why trust and invest in HP Printers?     

If ever being an HP printer owner, you have to face any complications regarding the usage of the printer all you must do is reach out to the customer support agents. You should connect to HP Printer Customer Support Number as they are specialized in the following:-

  • Delivering solutions to issues regarding each model of HP printer
  • 27X7 availability to serve the customers
  • Well equipped with the knowledge and techniques to eliminate any error from its roots
  • Providing complete and ever-lasting solutions
  • Code of conduct which is always professional and polite
  • Prompt responses to all the queries
  • 100% Customer satisfaction guaranteed

If the malfunction is still existent, it would be suggested that you get in touch with the customer service as they could assist you with more information. You can freely connect with the HP Printer Customer Service Number during any hour and free of cost. The trained professionals would provide you with instant solutions for your queries.